Lihikai proudly offers a variety of fiction and non-fiction books to suit each

    child's reading needs!


Return & Borrow Times

*Aside from students' regularly scheduled Library day, students may also visit the Library for the purpose of returning/ borrowing.

7:30 - 7:45 am (Mon - Fri)

9:45 - 10:00 am (Morning Recess: Kindergarten only)

10:00 - 10:15 (Morning Recess: Grades 1-5 only)



General Library Information

  • Students are allowed to borrow one book at a time (provided there is no outstanding balance on the student's account).

  • Students have a library visit every 3 weeks with their class to return and borrow books, as well participate in various Library lessons and read-alouds.

  • If a book is lost or damaged, the student is held responsible for the replacement cost of the book(s). A cash-only payment must be made to the school to clear the student's account. Refunds cannot be made after 30 days (*Please refer to The State of Hawaii's BOE's policy below for further information)

From State of Hawaii, Board of Education Policy (Title 8, Chapter 57)

§8-57-3 Fees and charges for lost books, equipment and supplies. A student found to be responsible for the loss, destruction, breakage, or damage of school books, equipment, and supplies, including library and assigned textbooks, shall make restitution to the school. [Eff 10/5/2000] (Auth: §§302A-1112, 302A-1130) (Imp: §302A-1130)


§8-57-4 Collection of fees and charges.

(a) Obligations for lost and damaged textbooks, library books, equipment and supplies shall be based on the replacement cost of the item, and shall be paid by the last day of the school year in which the financial obligation was incurred. If the student is financially unable to pay, the student may participate in a work program designed by the principal and agreed to by the student and parents or guardians.

(b) If a student who is transferring to another school has not cleared all outstanding obligations, a record of those obligations shall be forwarded to the receiving school. The receiving school shall follow all penalties and procedures regarding outstanding obligations outlined in this chapter. Reimbursements received shall remain with the collecting school. [Eff 10/5/2000] (Auth: §§302A-1112, 302A-1130) (Imp: §302A-1130



§8-57-5 Penalties for outstanding financial obligations. In addition to any other penalties that may be imposed, a student who fails to make restitution as required under section 8-57-4 shall be prohibited from participating in any student activity. [Eff 10/5/2000] (Auth: §§302A-1112, 302A-1130) (Imp: §302A-1130)

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