Lihikai Show Off Your SPIRIT!!!

March 9, 2020


SPIRIT WEEK IS HERE SURFERS!!! Let's all dress up to show our school spirit!


Participation is optional. Uniforms are required to be worn if you are not participating. Please make sure to keep your outfits school appropriate (no midriffs showing, straps that are at least 2-finger width, short/skirts that no shorter than your finger tips when your arms are down at rest, NO clothing with visible designs, words, patterns, logos, etc. of alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, obscene/vulgar language).


MON 3/9: Pajama/Bed Head Day

  • Don't worry if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Just come to school as you are. Be sure to wear what's appropriate (long pajamas, fuzzy slippers, etc.) and don't fall asleep in class!

TUE 3/10: Culture Day

  • Let's celebrate diversity! Come to school representing your ethnic background. Hapi coats, barongs, mu'u  mu'u, leis, lava lave, sombraros, to name a few. Wear your culture proudly.

WED 3/11: Career Day

  • What job/career will you have when you grow up? Dress up like real person in that profession or any profession you want! Actor, singer, doctor or athlete? It's your choice!

THU 3/12: Dress to Impress Day

  • Come to school dressed to impress! Wear your finest threads like you're at a prom. A nice shirt with a collar, a tie, slicks, A pretty dress or jazzy outfit that's you'd wear for picture day.

FRI 3/13: Sports Day

  • What's your favorite sport? Come to school wearing your team's jersey or colors! Football, basketball, or soccer? So many sports to choose from, so be a good sport and dress accordingly. No helmets or hats indoors, please!


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